Get the Most Out of Summer

We are nearing the mid-point of summer and it’s a busy season for many families. Vacation travel may be on the horizon or just ending. While summer camps and activities can keep us on the go, this is also a time when the dreaded “I’m bored!” status may set in. Never fear! Our libraries have an answer to the endless barrage of “What should we do now?” and that is READ! With two weeks remaining in the St. Charles City-County Library District’s Summer Reading program, here are the Top Ten Reasons to take part:

  1. The Summer Reading ProT20-SRPcombogam is FREE and open to all ages! No additional comments needed.
  2. Any additional reading helps prevent the dreaded summer-slide. Kids lose a lot of ground over the long break, regardless of their starting point. The summer reading program and other library activities keep kids engaged, their minds working, and limit regression.
  3. Library programs help keep kids busy! Different ages and grade levels have varied expectations but the end result is the same, the kids are occupied with something other than television or video games. 
  4. The kids are quiet and sometimes we all just need a little quiet time. If they are reading, they are possibly not talking (or yelling, singing, humming, whistling, etc). 
  5. There are prizes! YES! Depending on a reader’s age, they can take home a sippy cup, flashing flying toy, soothing hot/cold bag, cash and, of course a NEW BOOK for kids and teens just for completing 20 hours of reading. The Summer Reading prizes are sponsored by a generous donation from our partner organization the Friends of the Library.
  6. You can also use your Summer Reading minutes to double dip on our Take 20 and Read county-wide literacy initiative. This year-round program encourages 20 minutes of recreational reading each day. Check it out
  7. There is a great sense of accomplishment when you turn in your reading log. We all need to set goals and work toward them. It feels fantastic to meet them and help your kids work toward accomplishing their own reading goals.
  8. Countless fresh conversations spark around the house as a result of new books read. What better way is there to interact with your kids than to share enjoyment of a book?
  9. For kids to see the adults in their life devote time to reading is hugely important. The Summer Reading program reminds us to take more time to read each day with our kids.
  10. Did we mention that it’s free?

The Library District’s Summer Reading Program runs through August 2nd.  It’s not too late to sign up and get the most out of the rest of your summer!

FIZZ, BOOM READ (birth to Grade 5)
SPARK A REACTION (grade 6 -12)
LITERARY ELEMENTS (adult readers)

Visit to find program details for all ages: 


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