Lives Change @your library! – National Library Week 2014

Preschool_story_timeAs we near the end of National Library Week (April 13-19) the Library Foundation wants to highlight the 2014 NLW theme: Lives Change @your library! Readers and tweeters have celebrated the week by posting and commenting on their library experiences with the tags #liveschange and #NLW2014.  So rather than hearing why we think the library is vital in a community, we thought who better to share the impact of libraries than the people all across our nation who use them! We encourage you to take a moment to consider how the library has influenced you personally as you read the comments of these library fans:

For my elementary school librarian who never told me, “that book is too hard for you” – You changed my life. #LivesChange #NLW2014
– @b_netherton

“The rush to be the first to check out the new books was the biggest buzz.” -Jamaica, VT #LivesChange#LibraryWeek
– @cliforg

Simply put, libraries have been and continue to be a mainstay in my life and education, of which I owe them a great debt. #LivesChange
– @Errwati

It’s National Library Week! #LivesChange at libraries, perfect places for kids to grow their love for learning #NLW14
– @PBUnitedWay

“Whether you’re in a three-piece suit or a three-day beard, you can go into a library and be welcomed.” #NLW2014 …
– @wichitalibrary     (Okay, this one is from a public library, but we included it because we really love the message!)

Today my child will get a library card & start a lifetime of new adventures!  #TodayInAZ #LivesChange #NLW2014
– @ExpectMoreAZ

Library changed my life twice: once as a child @ the bookmobile, once as an adult by hiring me. #NLW14#LivesChange
– @KateWoodsWalker

Read. Every. Day. #nlw2014 #nlw2014 #liveschange #castleberryisd #be_cato
– @SenorMoran

We love coming to the library on Wednesday mornings for story time! #nlw2014 #liveschange
– @stace0328

Thank you for expanding my world @OUPAcademic…and sharing your knowledge for National Library Week: #liveschange
– @nevansportland


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