Get Engaged Over Winter Break!

OnceUponTimeWinter break is here! As schools release students for much-earned time off, we hope that you can enjoy some relaxing family time together during this season of holiday hustle and bustle. While this is a great break from school, it’s not a great break from learning.

Reading is a great way to spend this time! Teachers can attest that while time off from the classroom can refresh students, it also creates a learning slide in which children forget some of what they learned in the school year. Time spent reading keeps your child’s brain engaged and stimulated over break. The Library Foundation encourages everyone to read at least 20 minutes each day. It’s a great way to spend time together during the holidays and throughout the year.

Have fun reading as a family. Have your child read to you. Create a story together. Use the early literacy calendar for activities that are simple and fun. These literacy-rich activities foster language development and comprehension to help children build on what they learn in school. Daily reading is especially important for young children and school-age youth because just 20 minutes of reading can place a child in the 90th percentile. When compared to a student who reads five minutes or less each day falling into the 50th percentile or lower, the impact of reading is evident (see info-graphic).

reading twenty minutes

Reading over break will keep kids prepared for the daily learning routine of the classroom and allows them to start fresh in the New Year when school resumes. You can even make it official by taking our Take 20 and Read pledge for daily reading as your family’s new year’s resolution! Visit the library to select some great titles and snuggle up to enjoy some warm, cozy book time during winter break. Read together to help your child start 2014 ready to learn!


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