TAKE 20 = Back to School Readiness

BTS-Take20As we move through the month of August, thoughts move from the swimming pool to the school car pool and from summer activities to back to school preparations.  If your family is participating in the Library Foundation’s TAKE 20 and READ literacy initiative, rest assured your kids have a great start to the new school year.  Reading regularly over the summer kept your child’s brain engaged and stimulated which helps smooth their return to the daily learning routine of the classroom and increases comprehension of assignments.   So congratulations, parents you did well!  Their TAKE 20 reading will also serve them well when teachers assign reading homework because it is already a regular part of their day.  Success in school and in life has a simple foundation: Reading.  So we hope you will continue to TAKE 20 and READ with your family and share the program with others.  Because in today’s world, everyone needs to know how to read!

KarenG-EAnd speaking of literacy…
Please join us in welcoming Karen Guccione-Englert as our new Extension Services Specialist.  Her previous experience as a Reading Specialist and Special Education teacher will bring a lot to the Library Foundation’s Ready to Read and Books to You programs as she works to grow these initiatives.  We are thrilled to have Karen join our team as she feels literacy is a right for everyone and is passionate about making that a reality.  Check out her personal blog http://karensbookland.blogspot.com/2013_07_01_archive.html to learn a bit more about Karen and her passion for literacy.  Contact Karen at kguccioneenglert@stchlibrary.org for details about volunteering with the Books to You and Ready to Read programs.


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