Dig into Reading with the Summer Reading Program!

Have you and your children signed up for the summer reading program yet? Reading great books together over the summer is a wonderful way to help kids develop a love of reading.

Children who don’t yet know how to read can participate in the summer reading program in one of two ways:

  • Babies/Toddlers – Children ages 2 and under participate in summer reading by doing activities that help promote early literacy skills. These activities include sharing books, singing songs, talking about the world, and playing together. When a child completes 30 activities, he or she earns a snack container. After another 30 activities, the child gets to choose a board book to keep.
  • Read Togethers – Children older than age 2 who cannot yet read on their own participate in summer reading by enjoying books read by others. The child’s goal is to listen to 30 books–these can be books read by a family member, books shared at a library program, or books on CD. Each child who reads 30 books can earn prizes, including a flashlight, a book, and coupons for local establishments.

Signing up for the summer reading program is simple; just visit any branch of the St. Charles City-County Library District and ask a staff member where the summer reading desk is. Everyone is encouraged to sign up–we have programs for every age of readers, from babies through adults.

Happy reading!


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